Deodorisers, Sanitisers and Chemicals

Total Sanitation Solutions (TSS) carries a complete range of essential deodorisers and sanitisers, fragrances, wash down solutions, hand wash products and other specially formulated products specifically for the portable sanitation industry.

We can not stress enough how important it is to use the correct product regularly. In our experience, more business has been lost because of poor servicing and unpleasant smelling facilities, than any other single factor.

Deodorisers and Sanitisers

walex porta tab deodoriser tabletsWALEX PORTA-TAB Deodoriser Tablets (non-formaldehyde)

Another convenient form of waste tank treatment with an emphasis on rapid dispersion and high odour control properties.

Simply drop a tablet into the holding tank and its effervescing characteristics will immediately disperse active ingredient throughout the tank contents and instantly release the blue colouring.

Ideal for immediate effect and in shorter term high use situations.

walex porta pak deodoriser packetsWALEX PORTA-PAK Deodoriser Sachets (non-formaldehyde)

Designed to simplify the servicing operation of portable toilet waste tanks. WALEX deodorising/sanitising sachets are easy to store, convenient to carry, simple to dispense and come in pre-measured dosages.

The sachets will quickly dissolve in water (some agitation will speed this up), dispersing their contents throughout the tank. Recommended dosage is between one and two sachets each service depending upon operating conditions.

WALEX Extreme Deodoriser/Sanitiser Liquid (non-formaldehyde)WALEX Extreme Deodoriser/Sanitiser Liquid (non-formaldehyde)

It’s impossible to formulate a ‘one mix fits all’ blue liquid deodoriser/sanitising solution in a country like Australia with extreme fluctuating temperatures, portable toilets with differing sized waste tanks, different frequencies of servicing and so many other variables.

Total Sanitation Solutions can provide an ‘off-the-shelf’ formula that works well in a normal operating environment or we can factor in specific operating conditions and formulate a ‘tailor-made’ solution.

All formulaes are designed to effectively control odours and break down paper & waste whilst maximising the duration of the blue-ing effect of the active ingredients.

Walex Bio-PakWALEX Bio-Pak (Deoderiser Sachets and Biological)

An alternative to the Porta-Pak sachets but compounded with a biological formulation.  Bio-Pak sachets have an improved digestive performance, breaking down toilet paper and liquefying solids.  Extremely environmentally friendly with no toxic chemicals.

portable toilet chemicalsPortable Toilet Chemicals

  • Toss-in dissolvable sachets
  • Blue Liquid – READY TO USE
  • Blue Liquid – CONCENTRATE
  • Toss-in dissolvable tablets
  • Perfumed wash down concentrate – 20L & 200L
  • Concentrated perfume spray – 20L & 200L
  • Perfumed VAC pump oil additive – READY TO USE 20L
  • Deodorant Discs

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walex deodorant discsWALEX Deodorant Discs

The perfect product for those operators who want to offer that extra level of customer service, or where unusually high odour problems occur.

Simply place a disc in a convenient location within the toilet cabin. Our standard discs will provide a pleasant fragrance for up to two weeks or more, depending upon temperature and other environmental conditions.

The WALEX deodorant discs can also be used effectively in any situation where a pleasant, long lasting aroma is required.

WALEX Fragrance Spray ConcentrateWALEX Fragrance Spray Concentrate

A highly effective perfumed fragrance formulated to ‘cling’ to plastic and similar surfaces providing pleasant long lasting aromas.

Best sprayed on interior cabin surfaces or simply wipe on with a clean cloth. WALEX perfume spray is supplied as a concentrate and for best results, should be used sparingly.

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Perfumed Wash Down Solution

TSS Grafitti Remover

A safe ’green’ alternative to toxic cleaners, aerosols, hazardous solvents & paint strippers so there are no harsh fumes or acids.

The viscosity of TSS graffiti remover means that it will linger on the affected areas instead of immediately running down the toilet wall and is safe on plastic, fibreglass and metal surfaces.

TSS graffiti remover will effectively eliminate pencil, grease, spray paint, tar, urinal scum & scaling, permanent markers and much more. Comes in 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litres containers.

WALEX Wash Down SolutionWALEX Wash Down Solution

A recommended essential in maintaining a clean fresh smelling portable toilet. The cleaning powers of WALEX wash down are specially designed to work on plastic surfaces to remove dirt & grime whilst at the same time leaving a lingering fresh smell.

WALEX wash down solution comes in a concentrated solution leaving the operator to vary the water/wash down mix to suit specific demands. Suggested guide is 500mls per 1000 litres water for heavy grime & strong fragrance; 250mls per 1000 litres water lighter grime/lesser fragrance.

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Pump Oil Odour Additive

WALEX Scented Vacuum Pump OilWALEX Scented Vacuum Pump Oil

Almost essential for those operating sewage pumping trucks especially if servicing in suburban and populated areas.

The scented oil provides a pleasant smelling vacuum pump exhaust odour. We use a high quality oil suitable for use with most vacuum pumps and a specially formulated perfumed additive compatible with the lubricant and the pump.

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