Hand Sanitising Stations

Looking for a high-quality Hand Sanitation Station? Following our extensive experience in sanitation production and distribution, Total Sanitation Solutions now proudly distribute our own complete Sanitation Station sets.  

Easy to assemble, rafted for high traffic events such as large construction sites, our portable sanitation stations provide years of service and are easy for maintenance and cleaning.

The Sanitation Station Set Includes:

  • Hand gel alcohol-based solution
  • 2 x 800ml dispensers per stand
  • Water-fillable base for stabilisation


  • Avg. 1,600 uses per dispenser
  • Avg. 3,200 uses per stand
  • Lightweight - easy to move

Our Difference:

  • Replacement gel readily available
  • Available from Tullamarine warehouse
  • National shipping

What it Includes

Sanitation Station stand

Water-fillable base for stabilisation

Rust-free and weatherproof stainless steel base

Hand Sanitiser and Gel - Total Sanitation Solutions

5L Drums of Hand Get Alcohol-Based Solution

Hassle-free delivery. In stock now.

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    Sani-Stand Towelette DispenserSani-Stand Towelette Dispenser

    • 6 x Sani-Stand canisters cater to big crowds
    • Reduces queues by 'wipe and walk'
    • 1320 single sheet uses
    • Canisters quick and easy to change
    • Towelettes kill 99% of germs on hands including E.coli and salmonella
    • Towelettes provide moist, sanitary, antiseptic additives with moisturising aloe vera developed to meet the "USA Food Code's Hand Sanitation Requirements"
    • Locking canopy to prevent pilfering
    • Easily carried, positioned and stored

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    Sani-Stand Foam DispenserSani-Stand Foam Dispenser

    • 4 x dispensing units
    • Enough foam to sanitise the hands of 5,300 people
    • Kills 99% of germs on hands including E.coli and salmonella
    • No water needed
    • No waste to discard or rubbish receptacles needed
    • The foam push pad is ADA compliant requiring less than 2kgs of pressure
    • Prevent spread of germs at outdoor/indoor events; agriculture processing; concerts and festivals - where ever hand hygiene needs to be catered for
    • Easily carried and transportable (weighs 14kgs)
    • Solid base that can be filled with water or sand for extra stability.

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