Hand Sanitising Stations

Sani-Stand Towelette DispenserSani-Stand Towelette Dispenser

  • 6 x Sani-Stand canisters cater to big crowds
  • Reduces queues by ‘wipe and walk’
  • 1320 single sheet uses
  • Canisters quick and easy to change
  • Towelettes kill 99% of germs on hands including E.coli and salmonella
  • Towelettes provide moist, sanitary, antiseptic additives with moisturising aloe vera developed to meet the “USA Food Code’s Hand Sanitation Requirements”
  • Locking canopy to prevent pilfering
  • Easily carried, positioned and stored

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Sani-Stand Foam DispenserSani-Stand Foam Dispenser

  • 4 x dispensing units
  • Enough foam to sanitise the hands of 5,300 people
  • Kills 99% of germs on hands including E.coli and salmonella
  • No water needed
  • No waste to discard or rubbish receptacles needed
  • The foam push pad is ADA compliant requiring less than 2kgs of pressure
  • Prevent spread of germs at outdoor/indoor events; agriculture processing; concerts and festivals – where ever hand hygiene needs to be catered for
  • Easily carried and transportable (weighs 14kgs)
  • Solid base that can be filled with water or sand for extra stability.

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