Pee Panels and Mens Urinals

Mens Room 5 Station UrinalMens Room 5 Station Urinal


  • 5 x separate urinal stations
  • 5 x exterior liquid waste tanks that can be emptied while the unit is still in use
  • High traffic flow, good economy and can replace up to 10 portable toilets where there is a high male count
  • Little servicing required other than urinal tank pump-out
  • (Privacy screen extra)

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Pee PanelPee Panel


  • Ideal for big crowds
  • 600 litre capacity
  • Easily transported and sited
  • Quick and easy pump out
  • Weighs 75kg; 2.5 long; 1.75m high; 540cm wide
  • Designed to butt up to most temporary outdoor fencing systems
  • Moulded-in carry handles and provision for fork lifting
  • Made from durable U.V. stabilised polyethylene
  • Potential for advertising signage and promotional revenue

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  • Small, wheeled, urinals where temporary facilities are needed
  • Capacity of 40 litres. 90cm H x 40cm W. Weighs 7.5kg empty
  • Ideal for high elevation construction cranes

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