Pee Panels and Mens Urinals

Mens Room 5 Station UrinalMens Room 5 Station Urinal


  • The PolyJohn Men’s Room is a hexagonal portable urinal with 5 individual, wall-mounted urinals for single-user use
  • Each urinal has a separate, lightweight holding tank that can be accessed easily for servicing even when the unit is in use
  • The unit features a privacy barrier instead of a door for efficient traffic flow and wind resistance, which is a 3-piece frame with individual vinyl/nylon panels and is connected to the roof of the Men’s Room
  • The privacy barrier is designed with clear entrance and exit signs
  • Holding tank capacity per urinal – 95 L
  • Privacy barrier height: 2150 mm
  • Privacy barrier length: 3960 mm

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Pee PanelPee Panel


  • Ideal for big crowds
  • 600 litre capacity
  • Easily transported and sited
  • Quick and easy pump out
  • Weighs 75kg; 2.5 long; 1.75m high; 540cm wide
  • Designed to butt up to most temporary outdoor fencing systems
  • Moulded-in carry handles and provision for fork lifting
  • Made from durable U.V. stabilised polyethylene
  • Potential for advertising signage and promotional revenue

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  • Lightweight construction and rubber-treaded wheels for unparalleled portability
  • Weighs just over 16 pounds when empty and 109 pounds when full
  • Measures 35” high, 15.5” wide, and 21” deep, making it easy to transport and store
  • The holding tank has a capacity of 11 gallons
  • Designed for easy cleaning with a 3” port on the back for pump-out
  • Ideal alternative to a portable restroom unit for high-rise construction projects and similar applications

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