Portable showers

Refreshing Portable Showers For Sale

Be it in construction sites, mines, camping sites, farms, or multiple-day events, take your guests’ restroom experience to the next level with our high quality portable shower. The model for sale takes advantage of long-lasting materials and comes with a shower grated floor, shower curtain, soap holder, and clothing wash bag for the most comfortable and relaxing experience.

Shower Unit

PolyJohn Fleet Shower: Functional & Modern Portable Showers


Finish look of PolyJohn portable showers

Premium Materials

Engineered with the satisfaction of users in mind, our portable showers for sale are made from first class materials. Each unit is constructed with UV additive so that it can guarantee its years of service in Australia’s harsh weather.

Clever Interior Design

PolyJohn Fleet Shower cabin offers you a spacious portable shower with a grated floor for excellent drainage which is connected to a 2" diameter drainage pipe on the rear of the unit.

Interior design of PolyJohn portable showers for sale
Portable showers for sale with standard garden hose connection

Practical Features

  • Standard garden hose connection
  • Fresh water system is activated by a ball valve
  • Inlet water connection fitted
  • Interior combination faucet and hose bib
  • Dispenses 9.5 liters of water per minute
  • Shower curtain and wash bag included
  • Light weight & easily transported

Need hot water? No worries

All portable portable showers for sale are designed to be run off a range of gas heated external hot water units (optional).

Hot Water Portable Showers

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