Wheel Chair Accessible Toilets

ADA We'll Care Wheel Chair Accessible UnitADA We’ll Care Wheel Chair Accessible Unit

  • Complies with American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines
  • Spacious interior for wheelchair manoeuvrability that can accommodate a parent with children, making it a family-friendly unit (interior dimensions 235cm H x 216cm W x 235cm L)
  • Easily accessible to wheelchair users with roll-in ground-level floor access and smooth, easy-to-clean handrails throughout the interior
  • Oversized, self-closing Ryobi door that is heavy-duty and provides dependable wind resistance, keeping the unit in service longer
  • Super-strong, ADA-compliant plastic grab bars that are resilient and easy to clean
  • Equipped with accessories like PolyJohn’s handicap-accessible portable sinks and hand sanitising stations for an added level of convenience
  • Barrier-free door sill – extra-wide door fits wheelchairs
  • Handrail supports for assisted mobility
  • Privacy latch
  • Occupancy indicator
  • Instant antiseptic hand cleanser and foam (optional)

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Comfort InnComfort Inn

  • Extra-large size for easy access and manoeuvrability (137cm W x 140cm L x 230cm H)
  • Features to accommodate wheelchair-users or anyone who requires extra space:
    • More than 16 square feet of open interior floor space
    • Oversized, self-closing door
    • Roll-in ground level floor access
    • Interior handrails
  • Features of the all-new door design
    • An indent on top for the addition of a Ryobi soft door closure
    • Equipped with a new rotary latch that is easier for disabled individuals to use and more easily noticeable when the unit is locked but unoccupied
    • The bottom gap is smaller for increased privacy and less debris entering the unit
    • Hinges are now located on the same side for easy servicing and setting up rows of units for customers
    • More molded-in ribs for extra strength
    • The door is lighter, reducing stress on the jamb and minimizing the chances for door sag, making the whole unit lighter
  • Can be equipped with deluxe amenities and paired with PolyJohn’s handicap-accessible portable sinks and hand sanitizing stations
  • Easy to move by a single person, most portable of our large portable restrooms (weighs 120kg).
  • Optional: Hand-washing station & baby changing station

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